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I was lost in the blogosphere, clicking from links to links when I discovered the blog of James CHERKOFF , MODERN MARKETING (you can follow the links to know a little more about him and his blog). I decided to post a comment in French on one of his articles and James answered me ;)) It's only on the cyber space we can make meetings also surprising! Then, I proposed him to answer few questions, especially for Mkg. MD ;)) and he agreed!!

1/ Could you tell us which sight you've got in London from French Blogosphere? Do you believe that each country has got his own blogosphere?


Each country does have its own blogopshere and from the UK, the French appear to have taken to blogs particularly quickly.  This is partly because of the massive Skyrock community. 

However, I think it's the way in which communities form around issues - permanently or temporarily - which makes the blogopshere so interesting and powerful and that isn't necessarily a question of local area.


2/ More and more brands try to enter in the blogosphere and for some of them the exercise seems to be more difficult than it's seems at first sight. Nonetheless, don't you think that this phenomena will threaten at last the authenticity of the Blogosphere?


One effect of the blogopshere is that it's much more difficult to keep up an image that isn't a fair representation of an organisation, brand or product.That 'gap' is where a lot of brands are slipping up.  I think the blogopshere's need for 'pure' authenticity is overstated - but if an organisation uses the wrong tone or doesn't respect the environment it is likely to experience difficulties - or just be completely ignored.



3/ Lot's of consultant try to set up rules to practice Modern MarKeting, but don't you think the best way to succeed is to forget and break all the rules as proved us William H. Swanson, CEO of Raytheon with the CEO's secret hand book ?


I think a lot of the old rules still apply such as the 4Ps.  However we are trying to apply them to a new environment and that is very exciting because no one knows for sure what 'best practice' will look like. However, it is certainly important to be open minded which is difficult for the marketing industry because it has been using the same 'command and control' techniques for more than fifty years,

4/ Cyber space seems to be the lonely way where exercising Modern Marketing, wouldn't it be often more efficient to do it Offline than Online?


Cyberspace has forced a lot of issues to the fore that the marketing industry was choosing to ignore.  Consumers have been in control for some time now.  However, only when distributed digital media gave people control over marketing channels could marketeers no longer ignore the growing trends.

5/ Could you help us to see clear between buzz marketing, viral marketing, mouth marketing? Can we say that the definition is the same for those appellations?

They are all very similar and  are a result of people trying to  establish new methodologies for a very different environment that is moving very quickly.  The most important point is to recognise that the market has changed and to respect managed innovation.  I think the marketing industry has forgotten to innovate due to its reliance on TV advertising and it is now paying the price.  No other industry would survive if it didn't change it's main product for 50 years!



6/ We can read many states about the growth of the blogosphere. Isn't it a mistake to analyse the blogosphere without trying to look a little deeper insight? Indeed, at the beginning, for blogers, quality was more important than quantity?


The main thing is to remember that no one really knows.  Anyone who claims they have all the answers  doesn't understand all the issues.


7/ Which advice would you like to give to French blogers?

Enjoy the new environment and keep reading Modern Marketing!!! 


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